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What’s a Little Touch of E-Coli and a Flood Among Friends?

October 19th, 2010

Most Worthy Subjects:

After a short hiatrus while preparing the opening of Her Majestry’s outpost, Princess Animal has chosen to speak to Her People.

We speak today of the past, the present and the future.

The past: We officially opened Princess Animal, the Mission’s own rock ‘n roll craft store, on September 4th. The party raged well into the night, which for the Princess was about 11p. She is a youngster, you know, and requires Her beauty sleep.

Since then, the people have been shocked and amazed by the sheer pro-fun-daty of crafts which have been so pleasingly offered to them.

The past also included a small but humbling bout with e-coli, and a small but humbling bout of a pipe bursting right over the Princess’ headquarters. But that’s all in the past.

Let’s talk about the present. We’re carrying all types of beaujiful yarn worthy of a Royal. All colors, many stripes, and even exotic materials like Banana Floss. You heard me. Banana. Floss. Not a new type of Brazilian Bikini, but in fact shiny, silk-like yarn made from sustainable banana trees. From Be Sweet, which helps create employment groups among South African women. Which is pretty sweet. Mix it with some nice strawberry-red Cascade cotton, and you’ll have an awesome smoothy scarfish thing.

We’re currently carrying lots o’ lovely Cascade, Be Sweet, Spincycle (hand-dyed and hand-spun), and Out of Step Dyeworks, which is super local and hand-dyed. And awesome.

Quick, let’s get to the future! We’ll be having a Creepy Craft Night at the newly-opened Summit on October 24th at 7p. It’s FREE. The Princess shall be there with bellz on, and all crafts are welcome. Bring it.

And as always, the future belongs to Princess Animal.

Craft on.

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