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New Year’s Evolution

December 29th, 2011


Before you add this post to the growing crap-pile of “New Year’s Resolutions” blog postings, consider this:

We’re calling this an evolution, because evolution is long and gentle, and you don’t get down on yourself when it doesn’t work out.

So here’s some stuff for the new year, which the Princess is pondering upon. Some business, some personal, though not so personal that it’ll be things like “go to monkey/human hybrid gynecologist” or anything like that.

1) Classes: Yes, yes, We’re aware We’ve been lax in that department. You still love Us, though. But here, now, let Us vow: We will have more classes. Knitting. Crochet. Paper crafts. And even the more unusual. If you have an idea, and you’re skilled in a particular crafty area, let Us know!

2) New table: Perhaps it’s time to invest in something that’s beyond a harvested door held up with some PVC. No offense to the table, it’s served us well. But every time we wind yarn, it’s probably best that someone not call it in to the Bay Area Earthquake Center.

3) More visits/classes by famous people: We’re not saying who. Because We don’t know yet. Perhaps Kanye. Lady Gaga. Or Cookie A. If you are an A-G list crafty diva, give us a call!

4) This will be the year we finally do the Rock ‘n Roll Craft In, avec bands. For sure. We feel it in Our bones. But remember, we’ve got a whole year to set this up.

5) More kits: Maybe needlepoint? DIY plastic surgery? Dunno.

6) Epitomize Alexis Carrington That’s right, the holiday rush is almost over, I’m almost done with making things for other people (so tedious), so now it’s all about me! I’m going to treat myself well, like Alexis would, by making myself a sweater. For me. No one else.┬áMy friend and Princess Animal Acolyte Mer always starts a new sweater for herself on Jan 1. I love it. I’m going to steal that idea and do the same. But which one, which? So many excellent ones to choose from.

7) More cool yarn, including another bespoke line, this time with Little Red Bicycle…details coming soon.

8) Write that damn knitting book…again, details to follow.

9) Take other people’s feelings into consideration: Or not. Whatever.

10) Write lists that end in an even “10.” Like Bo Derek.

So that, then, is the Animal dropping a bit of evolution on ya. (Oh, also, We’ll perhaps stop speaking in hip-speak in which we are far from fluent). Last, but not least, we leave you with this oldie but goodie thought on evolution from one of our very favorites, Mr. Alan Partridge. Abide.

What are your evolutions for 2012? Comment, comment, as you’ve never commented before (and you probably haven’t).

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11 Days to the Finish Line

December 14th, 2011

So, no surprise, but look who’s hugely behind (and who has a huge behind, nyuk nyuk nyuk, I’ll be here all week) on the holiday knitting.

I actually wasn’t behind at all, until I just found out my bro is coming out here for the xmas holidays with his wife, and I’m going to her fambly’s. Suddenly it’s on. It’s way on.

I’m 1/4 way through socks for him. I’ve never knitted anything for him before, and when I asked him to measure his foot, his reply was “I’m sorry, we’re not accepting hand-made gifts this year.” So out of spite, I’m making him socks, which he’ll probably destroy in some fashion. They are the Father’s New Socks from Vintage Gifts to Knit, one of my fave books. I’ve actually wanted to make them forever, and because the main sock part is knitting on 4s, they’re going fast. Also, and here’s the genius part about them, they’re slipped-stitch color work, which means it looks like complicated color work, but in fact, you’re only working with one color per round, and it’s all knitted. It’s flying off the needles. Mostly.

Second one is going to be a combo of the new Teknika gloves from the Winter 2011 edition of Knitty, perhaps along with the Elegant Coat Gloves from, again, Vintage Gifts to Knit.. I just got the conductive thread that allows one to use one’s smartphone without removing one’s gloves. Genius, I say, genius!

And then just got a request from my business partner to make emergency hand warmers by the 23rd. Oy and vey! So going to find a very basic handwarmer pattern to use with an un-basic yarn: Jill Draper Makes Stuff in a gorgeous green/blue mix called Maine. Worsted weight. Ver’ fast.

Things I wish I had time to make but won’t? For the once-removed mother-in-law (at least that’s what I think she’s called…we’ll just call her the lovely Darby), I wish I could make this tam from New England Knits, but I won’t have time.

And for once-removed-father-in-law, I wish I had time to make this most excellent manhat from the new Interweave Accessories mag, which is most, most excellent. But again, these poor l’il fingers of mine can only fly along so fast, and the marathon ends so relatively soon.

Here’s what I’ve been watching during said marathon:

Homeland: Excellent paranoia-is-having-all-the-facts series from Showtime. Or HBO. Can’t remember. One of those. I’m not a fan of Claire Danes in this, she’s pulling a bit of ye olde overacting, but the guy who plays the villain or not other main character, Brody, is excellent.

The Layover: I resisted Anthony Bourdain for years. But it turns out this series is great. And I really like him. He’s very funny. He’s basically going through the extreme highlights of his favorite cities, as if he’s only there for a layover. He seems to oddly love everything he eats, though, and has made the same creepy I-beat-up-prostitutes-and-leave-them-by-the-side-of-the-road joke twice. What I love most about him? That, unashamedly, his idea of a great time is hanging out at a hotel pool and drinking. You and me both, Tony!

Dexter: This season, not so great. But still unavoidably watchable.

And so, so much more. Anyway, you know where you’ll find me for the next 11 days. Either in the store, or parked on the sofa, knit knit knitting away.

What do you think is the perfect marathon movie/tv watching for completing your knitted gifts.

Craft til’ you bleed,
the Animal28marathon2.600FathersSocks1

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