Princess Animal is dead. Long live Princess Animal!

March 2nd, 2015

cheers sweetie

The time has come, friends, loved ones, and loyal subjects. Alexis Carrington was successful–for now–in her hostile takeover. However! We were successful in leaving her nothing to sell! Bwah hahahahaha! CHOKE ON IT, ALEXIS!

The brick-and-mortar store that was Princess Animal is now closed. Why, so many of you ask, weeping, as you tear at your hair and rend your garments? So, so many reasons. It’s hard out here for a yarn pimp. There’s online competition. Our rent is rising (I hear you, brother and sisters, I hear you, but until there is commercial rent control this will be so!). Some days it would be too hot to knit. Oh, wretched ball of fire in the sky! Some days the weather would be inclement (though not so many, in this drought) and no one would come to shop. My tears mixed with the acid rain. Some days there would be something called a “sports event,” whatever that is. But other days, many of them, most of them, we did just fine.

There was another reason, and now it can be told. The Princess had a full-time job. So in addition to ruling Her loyal subjects with a wool-clad fist, fighting for world-wide domination one fiefdom at a time, preparing the Princess Animal Army for the coming Craftopolypse, and looking so damn flawless 24/7, She also is a writer at Sephora. Whew! That’s a lot to do for one insane little monkey-faced piece of royalty.

So before you throw yourself on the pyre in sympathy, let it be known that this is all a good thing for the Princess. Alexis has done us a favor. Now We have more time to do other things, like craft-related events and such. And the Kraft Ins will go on into perpetuity. Perpetuity, We say!

And think of the good things that have happened. Customers became buddies became life-long friends. And then they connected with each other and became friends.

In any case, it’s all been a good yarn, right?


Princess Animal

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February 1st, 2015


You’ve heard the rumblings on Wall Street. The murmurs across the financial centers of London, Paris, and Shanghai. And now we can confirm– ALEXIS CARRINGTON COLBY IS STAGING A HOSTILE TAKEOVER OF PRINCESS ANIMAL.

Why? Pure jealousy. She’s always wanted what we have–incredible yarn, needles, and books–and she’ll stop at nothing to get it.

And we’ll stop at nothing to stop her–including committing corporate harikari. That’s why WE’RE SHUTTING THE DAMN DOORS ON FEBRUARY 28th.

But before we do, we’re having the best sale you’ll ever experience in your life:

Starting FEB 2:

ALL YARN: 40% OFF. You heard us. 40%.

ALL NEEDLES, HOOKS, AND NOTIONS: 40% OFF. Because you need something to knit all that yarn with.

ALL BOOKS: 30% OFF. We don’t Alexis stocking her library with the best craft books in SF.

Remember, we want to leave her with NOTHING, so you must come and buy it all.

Some rather important details:

Serendipity is NOT closing. Not one little bit. No, Alexis only has eyes for Princess Animal.

The Kraft Ins will continue as always, every other week or so. Our hearts will go on.

We will be having a big fat party on February 15th to celebrate, stuffing ourselves full of champagne and caviar. More to come on that later, but mark your calendars now.

This is how Alexis operates. Only you–the stalwart Princess Animal Army–can fight her. How? By cleaning us out before she gets her dirty paws on amazing yarn by Madeline Tosh, Sweet Georgia, The Fibre Company, Cascade, Zauberballe, HiKoo, and so, so, so much more.

Got questions, confusion, kudos? Don’t cry for us, Argentina. Instead, email us at


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The Myth–or is it?–of Arachne

July 27th, 2014


Myths are having a moment.

First we learn the news that the new Thor is a WOMAN. Which is rad. Extra rad as I’ve been addicted to the show Vikings for the last couple of months. If you haven’t seen it yet, all I need to say is set your DVR to BINGE. And for those that have seen it…BLOOD EAGLE.


And the news of Thor led me to other myths, more crafty myths. No, not the Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater. The myth of the ultimate crafter…Arachne.

Once upon a time, back in Greek mythological days, there was a young lady named Arachne who was a bad-ass spinner and weaver, and she knew it. She was so sure of her superior skillz that she started boasting to the people her village. “I’m a FIERCE weaver, y’all. In fact, I’m better than Athena herself, the goddess of wisdom and crafts!”

This got back to Athena herself, who was all like “What?! That bitch is MORTAL. Oh, it’s ON.”

So Athena gets herself into costume and comes to Arachne as an old woman. She says she heard that Arachne thinks she’s better than Athena, and Arachne replies “No doubt.”

Now Athena whips off her old-woman costume, reveals herself, and challenges Arachne to a weave-off. Whoever loses, has to give up her craft and can never weave or spin again. Not she, nor none of her family, for all generations to come. And the winner? The winner gets bragging rights.

So now it’s like a rap battle. Except with yarn. Arachne weaves a beautiful tapestry that tells a tale of even older mythology and it’s stunning. And Athena weaves a tapestry that harnesses the blue of the sky, the yellow of sunbeams, and the green of leaves in spring.

And here’s where the tale diverges. Sometimes Athena wins, and sometimes Arachne wins. But in the ending I like best, it’s sort of a win-win situation. Sort of. It turns out that Athena wins, because she’s a goddess and all, and makes goddess-like weaving. Arachne, horrified that she’s lost, and realizing that she can’t live without craft (sort of like we all can’t live without knitting or crochet), hangs herself. Oy. The tragedy. Athena is like “Dayamn. I didn’t think she’d take it so hard. She didn’t have to go and KILL herself.” So she decides to bring Arachne back to life. Howesomever, lessons must be learned. (She was also a little jealous that Arachne was kind of a babe, and Athena’s husband had taken notice). So she brings back Arachne back from death…as a spider. Now she, and all her millions and millions of spider babies, can weave forever and ever, to their hearts content. And eat flies. And star in “Charlotte’s Web.”

Want to knit with the spirit of Arachne? Try these incredible Spider Socks, knitting in the spirit of the unfortunate weaver with every stitch.


What are your favorite mythical knits? Share them in the comments.

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