Easy love.

April 6th, 2014


Being Princess Animal is complicated. We must arm our populace for the upcoming Craftolypse with an ever-changing and best-of, and coolest collection of yarnz and bookz–while ruling with a furry fist. We must conquer distant lands (this means going out anywhere but the Mission, which We do not seem to do), because we’ve been watching the Vikings, and the Princess is getting all Ragnar about it. She is thinking about building a better yarn boat, perhaps to sail across the uncharted waters of Golden Gate Park’s Lily Pond, which We hear has been fighting an invasion by the evil African clawed frog. All this while swinging to and fro between bouts of unquenchable rage, unquestionable joy, and pure mischief.

How do We, the staff, bring calm to the uncontrollable Princess? Simple. Easy knitting. Beautiful, lovely, brain-resetting, center-restoring stockinette, the stuff knit and purl dreams are made of. Soooo…easy. Look at her go. Sitting still, smiling, zen-like, fingers humming along while witnessing the human sacrifice rituals of the ancient Vikings. Ah, so delightful.

Simple knitting has been the Princess’ manna of late these days. Sure, there was complicated, challenging knitting in the past, but the sun is out again, and oh, to let the fingers fly without fear of mistake. Actually finishing projects. It is all. It is everything.

Here is what the Princess is working on, from what is quickly becoming Our new favorite tome, Very Easy Sweaters from Vogue Knitting. Give us stockinette, or give us…something else. Death’s a bit too extreme, ain’t it?


Tell us, won’t you? What’s your easy crafting love?

Oh, hey, and while we’re at it…we’re looking for a talented new staff member come June! Want to join the Princess’ Not-So-Secret Service? Drop Us a line at kathy@princessanimal.com. More details on this soon.

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All roads lead to knitting–and crochet

March 1st, 2014

Here at Princess Animal HQ, we are well-rounded individuals. We refuse to be objectified as just sexy, sexy knitting objects! We won’t knit for your pleasure! We knit for ours! Okay, and maybe some other people’s.

Herein are some of our other interests. And, um, maybe how they always lead to knitting.

Sarah!: You may not know this, but Sarah is an actual, real archaeologist. Like Indiana Jones. Except for REALS.


What ties into archaeology? Well, there’s the first sock, of course, and then there’s Hwaet!


That’s oldeenglish for “Listen” And is also the first line of Beowulf. Perhaps in the comments Sarah will expand upon her love of Olde English Malt Liquor Socks.

Kathryn!: Kathryn is a lady of many talents, including EXTREME CRAFTING, singing (she sings in a choir) and a love of all things fantasy.

To escape from the real world, Kathryn turns to Tiny Owl Knits’ “Woodland Knitting,” specifically these fantastical fairy wings:


Fly, Kathryn, fly! fairy

Kathy!: While having many a trivial interest, for the purposes of this post, Kathy has chosen her love of MUHDUH. And who better represents that than the master himself?


And it turns out there’s a brand new book we’ve got called Hitch, with knitting patterns inspired by fillems of Alfred Hitchcock. Therefore, Kathy chooses the Eleven Hundred Dollar sweater, so named because Lisa from Rear Window boasts about her dress being a steal at eleven hundred dollars.


There you have it. Archeology. Faeries (that’s right, I said “faeries” not even fairies). And murder. Well-rounded individuals indeed.

What about you? How do your interests pertain to knitting? Elucidate in the comments. Special points awarded for midieval folk dancing and monkey knife fights.

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#newshinyfresh #JanuaryKnitforMOIMonth #(oryear)

January 10th, 2014

‘Tis January 10th, Subjects! And We haz declared that Knitting for Me Month began two weeks ago. So either you’re late in getting started, or we’re getting late in putting this post up…When in doubt, blame others!

But for reals. The holidays have come and gone, the knitting for others has happened (or in my case, is still happening, with a pair of wee baby pants that I hope shall be done this week), and ’tis time to commence with the SELFISH CRAFTING…ie BEST CRAFTING.

To get the inspirational ball rolling, We thought it would be nice to share things that the Princess Animal staff is working on–or plans to, for themselves. Without further ado, we present…


1. Sarah has just completed (in January, so I think this counts):

Adrift by Carol Feller:

Ravenswood cardigan

“5 month project, endless stockinette, and totally worth it, not something I would ever do for anyone else. Lace and laceweight yarns are a true labor of love and since I’m the only one in my life who appreciates the time it takes, I’m the only recipient of those efforts! L’Oreal: because I’m worth it!”



Brae Cowl:



Themisto Hat:




John Huston, the Tarnished Hero Socks in Killer Bee, Cephalopod, Skinny Bugga!:



The Paulie Sweater:




Okay, so I just blocked this, though I have no pics yet. I did finish knitting it a while ago, but it takes me forever to get to the blocking, anyhoozles, since it dried fully yesterday I’m counting it as JANUARY. IM WEARING IT RIGHT NOW AND IT’S FABULOUS! (I did mine in a reddish orange Kenzie, and omg so good)




So, I’m gonna start small, y’all. I started a shawl with some mad tosh sock in twilight, and it didn’t quite work, so I’m going to frog it and make socks instead. I really like the V Junkie socks from Soctopus:



And now onto SVEATERS:

I’ve admired the Plaits and Links sweater for some time. And I think I’m going to make it from Jill Draper Makes Stuff in Charred Coal, which is this super beautiful light variegated black/greyish business. I think it’ll be perfect as a jacket in the “summer” here. Could I even finish this this winter? It’s a possibility…



And another sweater I’m intrigued by is the Resiliance Top from the Needles and Artiface book. This includes brioche stitch (which I’ve never done!) and knitting with beads (also never done!). It’s also a laceweight sweater, which again, I’ve never done. So this one would be a bit of challenge for me, in a good way:



Although I also might do a vest. I’m lurving vests lately. Here’s why. They’re super warm. Stylish. And you don’t have to knit sleeves!

Like this classic Prince Edward vest:



Okay, what are your planz? Write ‘em in the comments, yo.

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